One area that you and your customers will want to look its very best is the driveway. This is important are that make or break the curb appeal of a home or business. If the old driveway starts to crack too much and become uneven. Hence, it can really be off-putting to potential buyers when or if they decide to sell their home business in the future. Our company in San Jose can help you with the process of either replacing the driveway. Or installing a new one altogether. We are here to help you make this part of your home or business look as beautiful as possible.

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Public Schools

The schools are the most used building in every local area. Also, it is one of the most essential buildings to be stable and safe for our kids. For as this is a place they are at on a daily basis. To have a proper concrete slab and or a sidewalk install by a professional extremely essential. If there is a wrong concrete company does a bad job can result in slab cracking which would cause the building to become unstable and compromised. Belonging to us company has less than 30 years of experience in working with concreted.


The main element in making a business or home safer is having a smooth usable sidewalk. A safe sidewalk allows customers or pedestrians to walk up as well as by with ease when visiting your company or walking to be home. Without risking a nasty lawsuit from having broken surfaces. A  part of  job is to ensure your business or home has the sidewalk. That meets your expectations and abides by all the laws and regulations in your area. We are proud of what we do, and we have the expertise to get the job done quickly and accurately.

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Road Work

We offer a variety of services that help maintain the safety of our roadways. We love to make the roads a better place to travel. Also, we know just how important this service is for the community. In our company is responsible for such a huge task demands the right amount of expertise and training. In this way, we and our team comes in and can be the key to make any road better to travel on. Our customer can count on us for any roadwork that they need to have done. Hence, with extremely fast service, we can help when there is an emergency situation. We do from private to government roads, we make sure that whatever the problem may be, you can count on us to fix it.

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New Construction

The main point of getting your business where it needs to be may rest in constructing a new building. This will allow you to have more space and even improve the entire look of your company in the process. One of our company's specialization is new commercial construction. Were here to help your company succeed, and this will start in making it as spacious, attractive and usable as possible.

Slab Work

The concrete slab is one of the things that you will need. For a building a home or working on a construction site for a school or business. It makes a foundation extremely stable and doing it the correct way is imperative. We understand the importance of getting this job not only quickly but accurately in order to meet job deadlines. We are a team of expert professionals in the field and we are proud to say we are licensed and bond to give you additional peace of mind during your project.

concrete contractors san jose ca
concrete company san jose

Quality you can Trust

The  company is dependable and trustworthy, and proud of our work. No wonder our company has frequently named as a subcontractor of the month at our job site. We are the quality finish. We are a family own and operate by Mr. Johnny Davis. He has 40 years experience in the concrete industry, and providing a quality job for a reasonable price is a matter of family pride. Were happy to assist you in your next concrete job.

About us

The company is the local concrete contractor serving San Jose since 1990. With us customer can count on us for any type of flat concrete work. In either business or home, including slabs, driveways, and curbs. Were also a trusted concrete sidewalk repair contractor for a safer pedestrian. We give our customer the personal attention they deserve.

Concrete Construction Methods and Your Home

Concrete is one of the oldest construction materials used in various forms for thousands and thousands of years. People in our industry joke that all roads lead to concrete, as it is still, thousands of years after its first discovery, the staple of modern construction. Why? It’s incredibly durable. Take, for example, the Pantheon in Rome, is after almost 2,000 years old and it’s in great condition. And yet, many concrete structures built just last century by modern hands are not only showing significant signs of wear and tear. But they are also beginning to fail. From highways, bridges, to buildings, some are them are crumbling and on their way to being obsolete. This might seem bizarre, given the longevity of the Pantheon in comparison, but it all comes down to an understanding of how concrete functions as a material. And what’s changed over the years in our construction methods.

Something that has seriously changed the game in our industry is the introduction of steel reinforcement. Also called rebar, these are incredibly tough and strong steel poles that are attached to each other and laid out in vast grid inside any concrete structure built. Within the concrete, they form an internal frame. That provides a great deal of both compressive strength and dynamic tensile strength versus just having pure concrete. Without rebar, we wouldn’t be able to build the types of incredible structures we are used to seeing today.

That said, it does have its side effects. Remember, concrete is a porous material, meaning humidity and air can indeed pass through to minor extents, particularly humidity. Well, as humidity works its way through the concrete, it eventually finds the steel rebar, which is formed of iron. And as you most likely know, iron rusts very heavily when exposed to moisture. As a result, the rebar rusts and weakens, and leads to deterioration of the overall structure’s strength.

While repair can be warranted to retain the legacy of twentieth-century buildings that are iconic. Such as those designed by concrete users such as Frank Lloyd Wright. It is debatable whether this is desirable or affordable for the vast majority of structures. The original steel bars add strength, but assessments of the cost of rebuilding and repair costs of infrastructure will be in the range of trillions of dollars and will be paid by the generations ahead. Steel reinforcement was a stunning innovation of the century.

The steel bars add strength, permitting the production of thinner slabs and cantilevered structures. Around the globe, it’s replaced environmentally very century engineers believed reinforced concrete structures bricks and rammed require buildings to survive for many decades. But corrosion can begin in as little as 10 years. As a result, techniques have been designed and implemented, with more protective coatings on rebar and the like. The problem is being solved!

Early twentieth-century engineers thought reinforced concrete structures could last a very long time perhaps 1, 000 years. Building codes and policies usually in regard to sunlight exposure-related changes in temperature. Many engineers and architects point to that the natural affinities between steel and concrete. They’ve comparable in regard to sunlight exposure-related changes in temperature might help to inhibit rust. But there’s still a lack of knowledge on their composite qualities, for instance, new methods to monitor corrosion, by electric or acoustic means. The many alternative materials for real reinforcement like new methods to monitor corrosion, by electric or acoustic means aren’t yet widely used.

The accessibility of plain the whole structure is connected to a rust-inhibiting electrical current. But a lot of new methods to monitor corrosion, by electric or acoustic means, contemplate. The whole structure is connected to a rust-inhibiting electrical current. There is a technology that may new methods to monitor corrosion, by electric or acoustic means like cathodic protection, wherein that the entire structure is connected to rust-inhibiting electrical current. There are also intriguing inhibitors, including substances extracted from bamboo. Another option is to treat the real with rust-inhibiting compound, even though these might be toxicity and inappropriate for buildings. There are various new non-toxicity biomolecules derived biomolecules. Fundamentally, however, none of those developments can solve the inherent problem that putting steel in cement ruins its potentially great durability.

There are promising solutions being worked on, however, and for now. The techniques used in constructing everyday homes and offices is quite sufficient. The concerns outlined in this section refer more to the subject of infrastructure and large-scale construction than your driveway, foundation, or something of that nature. You can have full confidence that your concrete project will be completed professionally and you will love the result when you hire a qualified contractor like John’s Concrete Co. We are at the top of our field and your long-term satisfaction is our greatest priority.




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